Anonymous asked: How about getting a real job?

i literally get this all the time. for the record i have a “real” job, but they only offer 4 hours a week. also sex work IS real work and if you dont believe that you have no right being on my blog honestly. 

can you explain to me how it’s different than any other service job?


hey kids, i need some moneys, who wants to cam/buy some videos??


Anonymous asked: What about getting a real job?

insert gif of Charlie talking about job trees and jobbies

also fuck you sex work is a real job go fuck yourself and get off my blog

do i still have fans on here?

i’m in a huge financial crisis and I need cam hours. bad. anyone want to?

help me raise 300 bucks asap

and then another 400 in the coming weeks

ill post so many nudes itll make your head spin if yall can help me with this



Anonymous asked: do you ever feel lonely?


Anonymous asked: what's your type, for people who are feminine identified? do you wanna get topped by a girl instead of the men that usually top you? do you wanna go down on a girl?

i love HIGH femme tops. makeup, fake nails, big hair the whole mega femme package. i’d totally love to be topped by a femme ID’d person and it’s happened so rarely (and the topping has only ever been awkward bottom-fighting at most). and i’ve gone down on plenty of girl ID’d folks, and every time was wonderful. mmm ladies.


Anonymous asked: *THERE

lol yup i fucked up bc i was typing fast.

sue me.


Anonymous asked: personal bloggg?

spaceman-spliff      i post nudes on their too. its a way better blog. go follow it! :D


Anonymous asked: Do you have snapchat?



becca-sings asked: To that asshole who said your face was un-attractive. Fuck that. You're beautifullllllll

heheeee i love you so much baaaaaabe <3